About Angela Johnson

Hi! I’m Angela Johnson and I’ve been graphic designing since 1998. Working with clients and friends over the years eventually made me develop a stock of invitation wordings for things like weddings, baby announcements, corporate events and all types of party invitations.

Now that printing techniques and evites have changed so much in how we invite and announce our our lives and accomplishments, I’ve developed these eBooks to guide, enable and inspire brides and grooms, HR departments, party planners and all manner of hosts to DIY an invitation or evite, or pick a wording to provide to a graphic designer or traditional printer!

I hope my eBooks provide guidance and piece of mind as you plan your upcoming events! As any author, I welcome reviews and feedback. Please feel free to ask etiquette, font, formatting or design questions here or via my Facebook Author Page: facebook.com/everythinginvitation

Make it a great event!

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